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Hakuba’s Top 10 Onsens

A traditional Japanese onsen is the perfect way to start your day or relax after a fun day on the slopes. Hakuba has a large variety of beautiful onsens throughout the village that you can enjoy. Here are some of our favourites. 

1. Highland Hotel Onsen

While this list is in no particular order, we think the Highland Hotel onsen is up there with the best of the best in the Hakuba Valley. If you need a little convincing, the image below speaks 1,000 words. Stunning panoramic views are afforded out across the Valley from crystal blue waters – a magical way to spend a couple of hours.

Jaw-dropping scenes from the Highland Hotel onsen
Jaw-dropping scenes from the Highland Hotel onsen

2. Happo Onsen at Mominoki Hotel

The Happo Onsen at Mominoki Hotel is known as the “Beauty Onsen” as it contains a high concentration of minerals that are said to make your skin smooth and toxin-free. Relax your body and soul in your choice of indoor, outdoor, or private baths and bask in the views of the snowy tree surrounds. This onsen also makes a great spot to stargaze year-round.

Outdoor onsen at Mominoki Hotel
Outdoor onsen at Mominoki Hotel

3. Hakuba Goryukan Onsen

Hotel Goryukan is planted very much at the foot of Happo-One resort, making it one of the most easily accessible onsens to enjoy after a day on the hill. Locally known as the ‘Spa of Belles’ the water in this onsen supposedly has a rare mineral composition like Happo Onsen above. With one of the highest pH levels around (11.28) its high alkaline levels encourage the natural healing of muscle pain, bruises, stiffness, and more. Count us in.

Hotel Goryukan's Outdoor Onsen
Hotel Goryukan’s Outdoor Onsen

4. Rosenheim Onsen

The onsen at the Rosenheim Hotel is again similarly famous for having some of the highest alkaline levels in all of Japan. Both the inside and outside baths afford views back up to the Northern Alps. There’s also a sauna room that basks in views over the Happo-One ski slopes – bliss.

Outdoor onsen at the Rosenheim Hotel
Outdoor onsen at the Rosenheim Hotel

5. Tokyu Hotel Onsen

The Tokyu Hotel onsen has both indoor and open-air gender-separated onsens. The outdoor onsen is sheltered from the elements and makes for a pretty stunning setting to unwind. If you’re looking to take your relaxation to the next level, this onsen also has sauna and aromatherapy treatments available.

Outdoor onsen at the Tokyu Hotel
Outdoor onsen at the Tokyu Hotel

6. Obinata No Yu

Obinata No Yu is Hakuba’s only private Onsen available for bookings. Ideal for families and groups of friends, this enchanting open-air onsen is surrounded by stunning snow banks and rocks. Book in a one-hour session and you’ll get free accommodation pick-up. Win-win!

A group of friends enjoying Obinata No Yu
A group of friends enjoying Obinata No Yu

7. Hotel Green Plaza (Cortina Onsen)

At the foot of Cortina resort in Hakuba, there’s a hotel that looks like it belongs in The Shining. If you’ve seen that film, it’s safe to say you wouldn’t want to bathe in such an establishment! Fortunately, the hot springs at Hotel Green Plaza are as peaceful as they come. Choose between 11 different hot tubs, and enjoy expansive views back up the hill. The water is sourced from the nearby Oku Hakuba hot spring at 56.5° C, before cooling to a manageable 42° C in the Green Plaza pools. The Ph levels over in Cortina are also very neutral (7.2) compared to some of the Happo onsens.

Stunning views at the Hotel Green Plaza onsen
Stunning views at the Hotel Green Plaza onsen<em?>

8. Hakuba Ryujin Onsen

The Hakuba Ryujin Onsen is located within a ryokan and operates year-round. Unlike most of the others on this list, it’s not undercover so it’s a nice one to visit when it’s snowing. In our opinion, there’s no better way to cool down in an Onsen than to have snow falling on your head. The best of both worlds.

The Hakuba Ryujin onsen is perfect when it's snowing
The Hakuba Ryujin onsen is perfect when it’s snowing

9. Mizubasho Onsen (Sierra Hotel Hakuba)

Mizubasho Onsen prides itself on being the largest hot spring in the Hakuba area. It is also 100% Gensen-Kake-Nagashi, meaning it’s 100% pure with no added tap water or additional heating. Over 200 litres of mineral water is pumped up from deep below the surrounding forest every minute and spread throughout multiple indoor and outdoor baths. Although constructed in 2012, this onsen has a ‘centuries-old’ look and feel as the timbers used were from traditional housing as old as 160 years.

Beautiful timber detailing at Mizubasho Onsen
Beautiful timber detailing at Mizubasho Onsen

10. Hakuba Happo Onsens (Sato No Yu & Mimizuku)

There are four public Hakuba Happo hot springs, all of which boast the high alkalinity you find in the neighbouring hotel onsens. Our two favourites are Sato No Yu and Mimizuku. Sato No Yu is a unique hexagonal-shaped indoor onsen with a very traditional aesthetic, while Mimizuku No Yu offers the most authentic experience in Hakuba – if you want to bathe with the locals, go here.

Mimizuku public onsen
Mimizuku public onsen

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