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School Groups

A school ski trip is a great way for students to build lifelong memories, gain independence, expand their worldview and so much more.

A school ski trip is a great way for students to build lifelong memories, gain independence, expand their worldview and so much more. At Mountainwatch Travel we can put together fully inclusive and customised packages to suit your school’s needs to make it as easy as possible for you.

Our experienced team of travel consultants can assist you with a school tour to Japan, New Zealand or Canada. Each destination offers a different experience but ensures students have a great time both on and off the mountain in a safe environment.

Japan offers a unique cultural experience with amazing food, languages, hot spring onsens and more, along with some of the best snow conditions in the world.  New Zealand is an attractive proposal for those looking for something a little closer to home while offering so much to do off the mountains, stunning scenery and warm hospitality. Canada is one of the largest, friendliest and safest countries in the world and is blessed with an abundance of world class ski resorts.

Check out some of our top recommended ski resorts in each country below and fill an enquiry for more info from one of our school travel specialists.


What We Offer

Day Tours
Cultural Visits
Lift Passes
In Resort Assistance
Transfers and coach hire
Ski & snowboard lessons
Meals and dinners
Ski & snowboard hire

Why Book With Mountainwatch Travel?

Certified Experience
At Mountainwatch Travel we have over 16 years experience organising customised ski trips for schools. Our team have extensive knowledge and first had experience of resorts around the world in Japan, New Zealand and North America.
Competitive Pricing
We are affiliated with major airlines, ski resorts and properties around the world. We take thousands of people skiing every year and have outstanding property relationships. This ensures we're able to pass on the best rates to our groups that we book.
Accommodation Inspections
We thoroughly inspect accommodation options prior to offering them to ensure they're the right fit for school groups.
In Resort Services
For Japan enquiries we have Japanese and English-speaking team members based in Australia & Japan offering full local knowledge and support. We also have an office based in Hakuba in the Nagano Prefecture which allows us to provide a greater level of service.
Fully Customised Packages
Our packages can be fully inclusive and customised to suit your school's individual needs. We are able to assist you with any of the following and more; flights, accommodation, ski hire, lessons, transfers, meals, day tours and travel insurance.
Great Support
Right from your initial enquiry and quote through to your holiday and return trip home, we guarantee to offer the highest level of service. During your trip we offer 24 hour support.
Time In Other Cities
Our service goes beyond the ski resorts. If you're traveling overseas for a school trip it's always good to visit other cities and we can help you with that. We can arrange your accommodation and transport to other cities along with your ski component so it's all in one package.

Benefits of Booking a School Ski Trip

Lifelong Memories
Lifelong memories are made during school trips that are remembered for years after. School trips are always a highlight and one of the most fond memories in a student's schooling life.
Students will become more independent as the trip is an opportunity to step out of their comfort zones.
Expanded Worldview
Students' worldviews are expanded after an overseas school trip. Cultural experiences prove to be invaluable for development and understanding, which cannot be taught only experienced by oneself.
Improved Skills
Students gain communication, orientation and problem solving skills from the different experiences throughout the trips.
Greater Bonds
Greater bond between students and teachers are developed. Having a personal connection with their teachers, students are more motivated and connected to what they are being taught.

How To Book A School Ski Trip

  1. Start planning at least 12 months or further in advance of your trip.
  2. Speak to your respective school committee or association for approval.
  3. Contact Mountainwatch Travel for a quotation on your preferred destination.
  4. Send out expressions of interest and an itinerary with estimated costs to students to gauge interest.
  5. Hold an information session for interested students and their parents to outline the planned trip and the benefits.
  6. Collect deposits off students and communicate participant numbers, and tentative names list to Mountainwatch Travel to lock in a package.
  7. Ensure students and teachers have valid passports for the trip. Passports must have at least 6 months validity at the time of return.
  8. Collect detailed information for the students such as photocopies of passports, breakdown of ski/snowboarding levels, dietary/allergy notifications, etc.
  9. Make your final payment.
  10. Receive your travel vouchers and documentation from Mountainwatch Travel.
  11. Hold a pre-departure information session with students and parents to go over the tour and answer any last minute questions.
  12. Enjoy your trip!


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