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If you’ve received a quote from us, you’ll know that it mentions ‘Mountainwatch Travel customer service’. Ever wondered exactly what that includes? Outside of the self-explanatory ‘pick up and drop off’, there are a few other elements like ‘in-resort services’ that may need further explaining. We’ll get into that shortly, but first, here’s a little bit of background on Mountainwatch Travel (formerly Liquid Snow Tours). 

About Mountainwatch Travel

We have now been sending Australians to ski and snowboard in Japan for over 17 years. Time flies when you’re having fun. And, that’s what it’s all about – we live and breathe the snow. Mountainwatch Travel also part-owns and operates a number of hotels and chalets in Hakuba, such as The Marillen Hotel, Luna Lodge, and The Happo. We clearly have a love for the destination and we’re here to make sure you leave feeling the same way. Our team does absolutely everything we can to ensure our customers have the best time when traveling to Hakuba and other resorts in Japan. Meaning we don’t just book your holiday and send you on your way, we are there to make sure you have a good time.

In-Resort Services

Every year, the Mountainwatch Travel team pack their bags and swap the summer months in Queenstown, New Zealand for the winter months in Hakuba. Why? One because we LOVE the snow and two so that we’re there to ensure we’re at the beck and call of you, our customers. In short, this is what we mean by ‘in-resort services’. It’s also the part of our ski holiday service that we believe is the most invaluable and hard to come by.

Our team is there for you if anything goes wrong, ready to take you to the hospital, chemist, or police station. Or, if you need to communicate with anyone and don’t speak the language our bilingual team members can easily speak with anyone on your behalf.

We also have the ins and outs of your booking on hand to help with any queries. Our extensive local knowledge is always available to help you choose everything from the best mountain to shred to the best meal to eat. Or, if you’re after a day tour, lesson or ski hire – we can lock it in for you.

Hakuba mountain guide Mimi showing her group around Happo-one
Hakuba mountain guide Mimi showing her group around Happo-One

To sum it up, when you book your ski holiday with Mountainwatch Travel you’ll have the peace of mind that we’re there to help (whenever and wherever you may need it).

If you’re ready to experience Mountainwatch Travel customer service for yourself, complete an enquiry form, and our team will happily create a custom package for you. Or discover our packages below.

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