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Oyado Furuya

Oyado Furuya Ryokan is, without a doubt, the most luxurious, traditional Ryokan in the heart of Akakura Onsen village. Located right in the center of the main street of Akakura, Myoko’s ski center, Furuya provides quick access on foot to the two major ski resorts in Akakura. It’s also located close to everything you need, from the shuttle buses to other resorts, to all the restaurants and bars.

Oyada Furuya has some of the nicest onsen facilities in Myoko, including two unique indoor baths. The tatami-buro is a bath surrounded by soft tatami mats, the same fragrant flooring used in traditional Japanese rooms. This makes it one of the only such onsen of its kind in Japan. The other is the ishi-buro, the stone-floored onsen, with the flooring warmed by the natural hot water. Use of the two indoor onsen rotates daily, so that men and women can enjoy both baths each day.

Oyado Furuya has an excellent restaurant that serves up breakfast (included with your stay) and traditional Japanese meals in the evening. The restaurant is a beautiful, peaceful setting with each room having its own separate dining area.

Oyado Furuya in Myoko Kogen is perfect for those wanting a more luxurious and authentic Japanese experience in one of the most convenient locations in Akakura Onsen village.


  • Restaurant
  • Free WiFi
  • Onsen
  • Laundry
  • Ski Locker


  • Twin Room
  • Triple Room
  • Japanese Room
  • Combination Room


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