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High Times In Revelstoke – 9.3 Metres This Season and Still Counting

March 3rd, 2020
Words and photos Tony Harrington
Coen Bennie-Faull sliding through the surreal landscape of Revelstoke’s alpine

It feels like everyone you talk to in snow circles in North America or Canada has Revelstoke on their radar right now. The word is also out in Australia and you’ll not only hear a few Aussie accents in the lift lines and the cafes, you’ll find a few of Australia’s top freeskiers making the most of this BC powder town including Nat Segal, Billy Lloyd-Blainey and recent settler Coen Bennie-Faull. 

And there’s a few very good reasons why. So, let’s start with the terrain. It’s huge, the mountain claims the biggest vertical of any resort in North America.  Incredible bowls are just a short hike.  Like trees?  They’ve got glades.  Like to feel the burn?  Try a top-to-bottom and let us know how your thighs feel.

Then bury all that varied and vast terrain with a deep layer of snow.  This winter Revy has seen a clockwork delivery of copious amounts of snow chalking up their second snowiest season on record – 931cms so far and it’s not stopping anytime soon.

Revelstoke is a home away from home for Hotham skier Billy Lloyd-Blainey. It’s easy to see why.
Revelstoke has the greatest vertical in North America – a leg-burning 1713 metres.

There is something cool about Revelstoke.  It has a low-key authenticity many snow resorts and towns strive (and fail) to achieve and it seems to come in part from the blend of locals who bring that blue-collar realism to the town, people who work in forestry, local industry and almost universally are outdoorsy folks who you will find super friendly.

Pull up a stool at the bar, try a local brew or a Caesar (that’s what they call Bloody Mary’s in this neck of the woods – and they are legendary) and in a few minutes there’s a good chance some locals will swap stories with you, share a few tips on sledding zones, who can tune your gear and where the best happy hour is at.

Downtown Revelstoke, one of the coolest ski towns you’ll ever visit.

Revy’s regarded as the heli-ski capital of the world and you’ll hear the thump of chopper blades overhead more often than the toot of train horns up and down the valley. Home to the legendary Selkirk-Tangiers, Eagle Pass, Micah Heli and CMH operations, they each offer products that cater for a wide range of skiers and boarders at different levels. Heli-skiing may not be for everyone, but it is more attainable than many people think.  So, if you are heli-curious Revy is a good place to dabble. Go for a browse through the various operator’s websites and you’ll find options whether you are a blue run skier flying for the first time or a serious heli-hound seeking the next challenge.

If you like powder-filled tree runs, you’ll like Revelstoke. Coen Bennie-Faull pillow bouncing last week in Revvy.
Billy Lloyd Blainey, making the most of Revelstoke’s awesome freeride terrain.

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