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Top Things To Do In Nagano

If the weather is bad or you just need a day off, a day trip to Nagano is a great option. As well as the Snow Monkeys and other activities within the ski resorts, there are a heap of other interesting places to visit in Nagano. Nagano City can be easily accessed if you’re staying at ski resorts within the Nagano Prefecture such as Hakuba, Myoko Kogen, Shiga Kogen, Nozawa Onsen and more. From these resorts it’s just a bus or train trip into Nagano Station or if you’re on your way to/from Tokyo you can stop here on the way. Here are some of our top recommendations to keep you busy in Nagano. 

Zenkoji Temple – One of Japan’s most significant temples, housing the first ever Buddhist statue to be brought into Japan. However don’t expect to see it as it is not on display, even the replica is only shown once every six years.  Once you arrive at Nagano Station you can then take a short bus ride or a 30 minute walk to the temple.

Round One – A games arcade like nothing you have seen before, floors and floors of games, activities and entertainment. Highlights are the batting cages, mini bikes, rollerblading and skating, bucking bull, bowling, segways, mini gold, archery as well as whole floors dedicated to amusement games.

Second hand stores – If you are in the market for some funky Japanese threads then Nagano is the place to go. There are heaps of second hand and vintage stores with everything from 80’s ski suits, luxury handbags to wedding dresses and washing machines.

Kids Ninja Village and Togakure Ninpo Museum – Located approx 1 hour out of Nagano city this is the perfect day trip for families. Keep the kids entertained on the obstacle course or dress up as a ninja and learn the practice of throwing stars. For the adults, you can learn the history of the Togakure Ninja, taking a walk through the museum and the Ninja House located nearby.

Yoshinoya Sake Brewery – A small brewery where you will learn the sake making process from the friendly staff and be invited to sample a selection. Easily accessible on the local bus from Nagano Station.

MEGA Don Quijote – A multi level shopping centre with every weird, wacky and wonderful thing you can think of. There is a 100yen section which is perfect for buying all your souvenirs and gifts. 

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