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Tokyo Top 5 – A mix of age-old traditions in a modern urban city

Picture a place with a mix of age-old traditions in a modern urban city — that’s Tokyo. If you’ve ever spoken with a friend who has visited Tokyo, about the city, then you’ll know it is a must see! Whether you’re shopping, sightseeing, eating or simply going to the bathroom, Tokyo promises to excite your senses. It’s a safe, yet crazy, fun and bizarre place. The well-designed subway makes it convenient for tourists to travel. Tokyo is a quick and easy add-on to a ski trip in the Japanese Alps. Here’s the Liquid top 5 to see when you visit.


Jump on the subway and head for Asakusa Station. This area of Tokyo offers an insight into the more traditional Japan. Asakusa has popular historic temples and it’s great shopping for souvenirs like kimonos and swords. It’s easily explored by foot, though we suggest you consider a local guided tour on a rickshaw.

local guided tour


Harajuku is home to the famous Harajuku Girls where street fashion rules this part of town. Crowds of Japanese young people come here to shop, hang out and see what the latest trends are. If you fancy some unique people watching then Harajuku is a great place for you. The easiest way to get here is, you guessed it, by subway.

Harajuku Girls


This is where all the ski and snowboard stores are conveniently located in the Kanda district of Tokyo, between Ogawamachi and Jimbocho subway stations. Outdoor stores are lined up, one after the other, often two or three stories high. You’ll be pleased there’s stacks of options to choose from.

Super clubs!

If you’re looking for a fun night out in Tokyo, don’t miss the opportunity to see the super club The Womb or Ageha! These are two clubs that are not to missed if you’re in Tokyo on a Saturday night. They are rated amongst the best clubs in the world. The Ageha runs a free bus service at night from near the east exit of Shibuya station in Tokyo. The bus takes 30–45 minutes. Getting home isn’t a concern either, just jump on the return home bus service. Kanpai — Did you know that means a toast? A Japanese equivalent for cheers!


Shinjuku is the place to see all the skyscrapers of the city. It’s also a great option for sleeping as Shinjuku station is very central and the busiest train station in Tokyo! For something different, visit the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, a basement where the cabaret meets bento box. Leave your inhibitions at the door.


Liquid Snow Tours can include a trip to Tokyo in your package. You can thank us later!


(Photo credit in order of appearance. Asakusa by Chun88 on Flickr. J. Harajkuku Girls by M. Barrientez Shinkuku by J. Holmes.)

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